Advertising Range

Turnkey Advertising Fences: We offer a wide choice of advertising stands to personalize with your logo, slogan, coordinates ...

Listening to our customers, we are also able to make your fences entirely to measure: shape of the stands, the decor, number of pole, shapes and numbers of bases ... Many examples are available in our gallery.

Our advertising cstands are offered with FEI version (No rail needs to be added):

Zoom fei

Material:    Aluminum stand / Expanded PVC panel
Finish:        Powder paint with chromation               
                   Color to specify when ordering

• Removable feet / stainless steel screws
• Level markers
• Plastic caps on the top and on the feet

Personalized advertising stand:

Obstacle efficity soubassements vf

Box and panel stand:

Obstacle mc do palanque vague
Img 9818

Box stand:

Img 0247
Img 0254

Club Pub 500 x 675 stand:

Img 274
Img 0297

Full Pub Club stand:

Img 9728
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Prestige pub 500 x 675 stand:

Img 9393
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