Obstacles-alu Range.

We put our know-how and experience of the industry at the service of the world of horse riding.


• Strong & Reliable

Stands are made from aluminum tube of a thick section with respect to their width.
The legs, removable, are solid aluminum at the junction foot / upright.

The combination of these factors gives the candlesticks a very high rigidity.

• Light & Stable

Aluminum is a light alloy (3 times lighter than steel).
Simples Stands weigh on average 6 Kg and Doubles Stands 12 Kg, which makes them very manageable and convenient to use.

The wind gain is low: The center parts of the full aluminum feet move the center of gravity downwards, which increases the stability of the range's stands.

• Finishing Quality - Durable over time

Stands are solid and discreet: they are machined, there are no rails that are added to the amounts.

Stands can stay outside:
     - Aluminum is an alloy that does not oxidize.
     - The paint is protected by a preparation (type chromation) to ensure a lasting in time.
     - The bars and balls of the prestige range are annoded: industrial process that protects the aluminum while giving it a silvery appearance.
     - Fasteners and accessories (mechanisms of safety cup) are made of stainless steel, therefore non-oxidizable.

Ability to choose a custom color

• Custom manufacturing

Manufacturing à la carte: free estimate
Do you have a special need ? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will establish together your project according to your requirements.

The items in the range are produced in our factory in France. We are therefore very responsive and we can make any type of special fabrications to best meet your expectations.



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